You don’t have to be “Great” to “Start,” but you have to “Start” to be “Great” — Zig Ziglar

Chapter 1::Sharing another excerpt from our book on Entrepreneurship – You can Do it available at

One of the greatest advantages of being on your own is that you and nobody else is the master of ‘your’ time. Time is limited and it is passing by like sand in your fist. There may be no tomorrow, so when do ‘you’ think you will start ‘your’ dream journey? After the age of 25, more cells die in the body as compared to newborn cells, which means the later you start, the lesser energy, the lesser conviction, the lesser learning capabilities and the lesser risk appetite. Although there are exceptions, we also believe it is never too late to wake up! All of us have heard numerous stories of exceptional entrepreneurs who started pretty late in life and attained peak success. The point we are trying to convey is – the earlier you start the better for your venture!

With age you will be buried under responsibilities of fulfilling aspirations like owning a home, luxury cars and gadgets, growing kids, their education, ageing parents etc. It will always be difficult to take decision to start, at the subconscious level. This is the time now, to stop talking about your business ideas over coffee table in café or at cocktail party at a friend’s place and takes action on at least one feasible idea at this moment. It is better to make a mistake and learn from it, rather than not trying at all.

You may be making master “Chess” moves in your brain, on associated risks, failure scenarios, strongly thinking on why this may not work rather than focusing on why it can work.Coming up with excuses are symptoms of weak minds. A great mind always seeks to create.

Everything in life is about making decisions and choices in real time, taking actions, executing what is going on inside you. Always remember, you have multiple choices in life and based on the choices you make, your life shapes up and respective paths open up for you to walk into it.

Listing some of the benefits of being on your own.

  • Learn new things everyday that keep your brain sharp.
  • You are the decision maker to execute your ideas – no reporting/approvals required
  • Shun office Politics, Work smart, Earn More & grow Rich, Pay Less taxes, get financially free & Retire Early
  • Make a difference to society with a higher purpose of “GIVING”

Your entrepreneurial journey can be a great way to help improve your life & life of people associated with you.

Wouldn’t that make all of us prosperous and help raise the living standards from wherever we are ?

If you really want to start a business, the time is NOW. Go and take the first step and adapt to a new environment as you move forward. You cannot wait for all green signals before you start your journey. You will get Red lights and tough roads but it will be an exciting journey and you will be proud of what you have done at the end.

You need to start chasing your dream Right Here, Right Now as Right time is NOW or never. Book is available at Do check out the reviews too.

Will share excerpts from other chapters too – do watch out for my posts

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