The Call

A cuckoo’s call after all,
Was not a mere sound at all,
It pierced my being as if I am being called!

Called? Whose calling?
Someone special was calling is what I could gather all in all!

Every call of the cuckoo made me remember something worthwhile all in all
The call kept coming whenever I would fall…
Oh, did I realise, is it someone within me that I missed hearing, kept calling after all!

That call was a call that triggered transformations within.
It was not just a mere call, it was a new beginning call of a beautiful life worth living after all!
A call to slow down,
A call to bring Mind, body & Soul at the same pace & place,
A call to enjoy every bite that goes in this body with total awareness,
A call to experience the energy within,
A call that penetrated deep within & reverberating inside my being,
A call that shook me & came as a shock as if I am holding a live wire of 440V for long.
My Guru said, it’s not Ohm’s Voltage, it called Shiva’s voltage that you touched when HE called.

With HIS grace & blessings, feels like answering the call of rebirth – twice born in one lifetime is what I can recall
Only the sleeping hordes would miss hearing the call…

Awaken to the call is what I wish for each one & all.
– Vandana (post Samyama)

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