Testing – a Creative & Glamorous Role

Software Testing is LIMITLESS & is still Evolving.

I believe it’s indispensable & one cannot provide a quality & usable product without great Users Testing the product …

As Testers, We are not  just “CHECKING” the Product, We are “TESTING” the Product! There has to be randomness in testing!

We are not just testing “what the system is supposed to do”, we also require to TEST – “What the system is NOT supposed to do “ –here is where you could  find major defects/Enhancements/New Feature need !

Common Myths associated with Software Testing

  • Testers think their role is not important as compared to developers
  • Developers are more respected as compared to Testers
  • Testers are not highly paid as Testing is considered a mediocre job.
  • Software Testing as a Career is not that great & also pays Less
  • Average IQ people are put in TESTING as it’s a Boring

But I strongly believe that the testers brings in innovation to the product and can contribute substantially to the usability of the product. They always have bigger picture of the product and hence Testing community is the customer for the development community and any inputs from testing team needs to be taken seriously by all stakeholders

Must have skills for Great Testers – courage to communicate your ideas/thoughts without the fear of being wrong apart of some Essential Analytical and technical Skills & Never Never Never Never… give up attitude, “Believing in constructive destruction”.

Now is the time for Testing Community! A bigger Responsibility when this huge digital revolution is happening especially for Continuous Delivery & Continuous Integration related to User Experience, User Interface & Usability of the product … But this requires Testing Community to play extended roles, have multiple skills, Multi Domain Knowledge and Cross Industry experience & exposure …

By the way, if we are doing DevOps or Agile delivery – WE ARE NO LONGER DIFFERENT TEAMS, WE ARE ON THE SAME TEAM whose focus should be meeting business objectives and end user perspectives, Benefits !

So much to Learn & so much “Action” required to execute those learning !I look forward to write some more posts on “Software Testing” – sharing & learning !

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