Regardless of who U are or what U have been,U can be what U want to be

Thank u — Mr. “W.Clement Stone” for  this wonderful quote!

Welcome to the exciting world of Entrepreneurship…It’s an incredible experience and adventurous journey!

Do you have in you what it takes to succeed in starting your own business?

Do you have the fundamental Skills required to be an Entrepreneur?

ASSESS your Entrepreneurship & business skills.

In my opinion, I consider the following Personal traits important for an entrepreneur

Passion: Are you passionate enough to take this plunge? Passion is very important & useful as it creates a feeling of excitement & enthusiasm that ignites the file in your belly

FOCUS: Never under estimate the power of FOCUS...unless you are focused on what you want to do or should be doing, you will keep exploring ideas and keep getting lost & that will make you stay away from great success! Keep Defining & Refining your focus area based on circumstances !

Courage: Do you have the courage to communicate your ideas without having the fear of being wrong?

Perseverance: DO you have the ability to stick along & not “LET GO”  no matter what ? Never Never Never Never Never Never  ….(infinite times) Give up Attitude. If you have made up your mind to do something, don’t let anything stop you, keep doing it until you succeed in your own defined ways !

Resourcefulness:Do you have what it takes to strategically assemble your resources to stay ahead & scale your business? Once you have the necessary resources, how well you manage & use them to grow your business. This is very important skill for an Entrepreneur —  you cannot afford to miss on this one !

Resilient Mindset: 

Do you have the ability to recover fast from your hardship or failures?

How soon can you recover from stressful times ?

Do you consider failures as priceless experiences?

What is your ability to adapt to changing times or turbulence?

Resilience is your capacity to withstand stressful & traumatic experience. Resilience is not something that you are born with…it’s a skill that you start developing as you grow starting from your upbringing, your environment, your experiences & exposure and knowledge gained.. Its very much embedded part of your continuous learning ! You start building on it as you mature on your thinking and self-management skills.Resilient people often find meaning even in times of trouble, always look at the positive side of the matter. This enables you to gain confidence once you have overcome adverse scenarios.

ProactiveDo you have the ability to think ahead of time and act? Without having the need to experience things and then learn from it  or act on it, it’s worth to foresee opportunities/ Risk/ improvement areas and proactively address that!

Self-Driven: Do you require somebody to assign you work, tell you what to do ?If answer to that ? is yes, it’s better to drop the idea of being an Entrepreneur, you are better off in your job.

As an Entrepreneur you should know what to do, how to do & why you are doing it? Do things your own special way!  That way you are different & different people stand out!

Thought Leader:Do you have the ability to create more leaders and not just mere followers? Identify the potential in the people around you, provide them an environment for their growth, Empower and Enable them to take better decisions as a true global leader!

Responsible Decision maker: Do you have the ability to take charge and be responsible for your actions and decisions? Your decisions not only impact you but also impacts the people who work for you.

You should be able to take decisions even if you are in hurry (if necessary) and your decisions should generally be OK


Does your heart care about less fortunate fellow human beings?

Do you have a higher purpose defined ? It could be Contribution to society in whatever ways you can via your business or otherwise !

Are you doing this just for money? You may not be able to sustain for long even if you are successful initially …unless you intentions are good !

You are a Diamond and the 4C’s of the diamond in you – Stay Cool, Calm, Composed & Compassionate at all times !

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