Do not refer your business as your baby!

I hear people often say – my business is my baby ! Even I have said it too number of times before ! It’s so natural & instinctive. It sounds passionate, reflects ownership & so much more being associated with the emotional quotient.

Most married entrepreneurs, I think refer the word “baby” as a child they give birth too…rarely for their spouse(s)

What would spinsters & bachelors mean if they too use the word “baby” for their entrepreneurship venture ? Could mean beloved/darling/new found human relationship in their life!

I have been wondering what actually is meant by usage of that statement.

The way we nurture it to make it grow moment by moment, days after days, years after years – is like bringing up our own child or something very dear to us !

The effort, the time, the involvement, the belongingness, the pain of setting up, executing, small & big failures, the struggle to win business, the joy of small wins, initial success, growth, the first payment received & so much more & all the emotions we go through are very much similar to what we experience when bringing up our child or building a love relationship & hence it’s natural to state – my business is my baby !

I was thinking why don’t we refer – my business is like my pet, or like my garden or like my plants ?

Is it because, our child is our creation & our business is also very close to our creation ? Plants & pets are not exactly our creation from scratch !

Being a first generation serial entrepreneur for last 9 years, my new found realization is that “Do not refer your business ventures as your baby (babies)”

Why ? Because sometimes you may need to take some tough decisions for your business. These decisions may give heart aches, disappointments, sadness, depression, take our life away as we are so emotionally attached with our “baby(babies) – I meant our businesses”

It’s so important to be “attached” & “still be detached” with our business ventures. Can we do this with our kids, our babies ? Assuming we are all good human beings, just think for a moment – Can we sell our babies ? Can we kill our babies ? Even the thought like this gives chills & shivers !

You may need to shut down your business / Sell it / face forced Merger & acquisitions. There could be number of reason for doing so, maybe it’s not doing well, may be the key man is dead, could be technology changed, your processes are outdated, competition too strong to handle, new government policies changes impacts your margins & the list can be countless …

Its’s not always about money too & hence people who have sold their businesses for billions also “miss their babies” – because it’s tough to let go ! We are always so attached !

We have trained our subconscious mind to understand “ It’s my creations, my baby” ? The subconscious mind does not understand the difference between Business baby & Real Baby ? It only understands the emotions we have associated with the word “baby”.

As Start-ups’ Entrepreneur’s we are so attached with our ideas, that we are always in defending mode, we only hear “what pleases us or what we want to hear” & in the process get so closed to feedbacks which really matter in success/failure of our products. We get so emotional about it most of the times.We require to distance ourselves from our idea/product & see it outside ( I mean detach yourself & see it from a different perspective). It’s so important to train our mind right in the beginning that we may have to face storms & we need to adjust our sails accordingly, be open to taking tough decisions & that is possible only if we can separate ourselves from our business if a need calls for it !

All we need is to learn to emotionally balance ourselves in our business ventures ! Everything else we need to do the way we are doing to make it successful – believing ourselves, the umpteen attempts, the hope, the dedication, the action, the tears, the celebrations !

I no longer refer my businesses as my baby(babies) & sometimes I even wish if I can take back the sentence as many number of times, I have used it before !

Hence I state  “Do not refer your business as your baby” !

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